Parents are being reminded about the importance of vaccinating children on time in the lead up to World Immunisation Week from 24-30 April 2016. The ongoing success of immunisation programs can lead to complacency about the need for timely vaccination at all the schedule milestones.

The devastating effects of vaccine-preventable disease are, thankfully, no longer so prominent but we must continue to be vigilant to protect the most vulnerable members of our community – our kids. We all get busy and caught up with our daily lives, but the current epidemic of whooping cough in NSW is a reminder that on time vaccination is our best defence. Measles, diphtheria and polio are only a plane trip away so all Australian children need protection against these vaccine preventable diseases.

NSW has high immunisation coverage of around 90 per cent for children at one, two and five years of age but higher coverage is needed for effective disease control.

Timeliness of vaccination can also be an issue as parents juggle work and family responsibilities. To help make things easier, NSW Government’s free ‘Save the Date’ smartphone app is a handy resource that sends personalised reminders to parents when their children’s vaccinations are due.

On time vaccination is now even more important. As well as protecting the child and the broader community, being up to date with vaccination is required to enrol children in child care in NSW.

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