This year’s theme for the 65th Education Week, ‘Every Student, Every Voice’. This will encourage student’s right across Heathcote to feel informed, empowered and supported in their ambitions and opinions.

It is so important for children in our region to feel as though they can speak up about what they’re passionate about; we want them to become informed and engaged global citizens.

Reminding students that they have a voice, are valued and are cared for will give them a sense of purpose that will prepare them to be engaged citizens in a dynamic society.

It is so important we instil these values in our children when they are at school; investing in them is an investment in our future and we are giving them the opportunity to shape the world.

I’m pleased to be part of a Government that is investing unprecedented funding in the NSW Education system, creating pathways and opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

The NSW Government is rolling out a number of unprecedented initiatives currently, including:

• An expanded Bump it Up program, which is providing all schools in NSW with expanded targets in attendance, wellbeing, equity, numeracy and literacy;
• A $120 million program to ensure parents in NSW have access to Before and After School Care for their child;
• Delivering 190 new and upgraded schools through a $6.7 billion investment;
• A new High Potential and Gifted program to identify students who will benefit from being challenged in areas where they show talent.

Education Week will celebrate the achievements of public schools, their students, staff and communities. Public schools across the State will hold showcase events for their communities. Among the events planned are open days, special assemblies, performances and principals swapping schools.