I’m encouraging parents and carers to walk to school with their primary-aged kids for Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 20 May 2016.

The national event is an initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia is a good opportunity for schools and families to promote regular physical activity and reinforce road safety lessons.

Active kids are healthy kids and walking to school is a great way to make physical activity part of your daily routine.

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said NSW students learn about pedestrian safety and the benefits of physical activity as part of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum.

Children are taught to practice the Stop! Look! Listen! Think! strategy every time they cross the road.

In addition to its health benefits, walking to school helps to reduce traffic congestion on our roads, as well as being kind to the environment.

Walking is a wonderful way to travel safely to and from school on Friday 20 May and every other day of the school year. If you can’t walk the whole way, consider taking a shorter car, bus or train ride and walking the rest of the distance.

For more information on National Walk Safely to School Day, visit www.walk.com.au.

Schools can access further road safety education resources at https://education.nsw.gov.au/road-safety-education.