Sutherland is the latest train station to have world-leading Park&Ride technology for customers with installation completed, featuring a new contactless option that makes free car parking for commuters even easier.

The system is now operational at the East Parade commuter car park.

This train line is an absolute lifeblood for this region, providing an efficient and reliable link to business centres for workers while also serving the wider community outside peak hours, so we need to ensure easy access.

Transport Park&Ride is a NSW Government initiative designed to ensure that parking spaces at commuter car parks are available for public transport customers.

Parking at train stations is an issue for customers, with research showing up to 46 per cent of people who use commuter car parks do not use public transport.

We want to make it easier for customers to access public transport and Transport Park&Ride uses the latest technology to deliver on this goal.

Commuters will have their number plate scanned on entry and they then need to tap-on and tap-off when completing at least one trip on any train, bus, ferry, metro or light rail service.

When exiting the car park within 18 hours of entering, customers who have travelled on public transport using their Opal card simply tap out at the boom gate.

They can also use an Opal, credit or debit card linked to a Transport Connect account for a contactless experience, with no need to tap out when leaving to receive up to 18 hours free parking.

To go contactless, customers can simply link the card they use to tap on and off public transport and add the number plate of their vehicle in their Transport Connect account.

Customers can create a Transport Connect account at by entering their card and number plate details.

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