“Healthy Heathcote” evolved from an idea that Lee Evans’ had when he was told by his doctor that he must lose weight. He knew he’d need to make lifestyle changes and the more he talked to others, the more he realised that many people faced the same challenges he did.

Through discussions over a number of months Lee formulated a pilot program, a first for NSW with an aim to encourage and motivate a whole community to get active, try something new and link with others to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

“Healthy Heathcote” is being launched officially at 11.30 on 24 February at the Engadine Town Square by the Hon. Kevin Humphries, Minister for Healthy Lifestyles and Mental Health.

Mr Evans said participants in the Healthy Heathcote programs would have access to group activities like walking, yoga, bowling, healthy cooking classes, and even complimentary gym classes. Information would be provided through SMS alerts, websites and emails.

He urged everyone to register today to be part of this amazing initiative.