A new program launched by the Liberals and Nationals Government today will see our 30 best teachers and 20 highest performing teaching graduates recruited to participate in a new program designed to fast track their careers to the level of Principal within ten years.

The Fast Stream Program will raise education standards across the state, and in particular support regional schools with some of our best staff, ensuring a safer and stronger regional NSW.

We are creating a stream for our best graduates and teachers to have an accelerated career path to excel as principals.

The program will create opportunities for our best teachers and graduates to fast-track their careers, while also taking their skills to regional schools as part of the process.

The program is up or out. Teachers who successfully apply for the program will be mentored at our best schools, followed by a regional placement and a fast-tracked career to leadership positions.

Each stage will include assessments to ensure each applicant is still suitable to progress through the program.

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the community – it makes sense to be looking for and supporting our very best to choose teaching as a career, and for them to be supported to become principals.

The Fast Stream program is a component of the School Success Model and will start in Term 1, 2022. Teachers will participate in the program for up to 10 years before being offered the opportunity of a Principal position.