2 Million Opal Social MediaTwo million Opal cards have now been issued confirmation that public transport customers have fallen in love with Opal electronic ticketing.The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is getting on with the job of improving public transport and we’re delighted that so many people have embraced Opal and are enjoying the benefits of cheaper and convenient travel. With free travel after eight Opal journeys in a week, thousands more customers are choosing to leave their car at home and catch public transport – helping to reduce congestion on our roads.

The first Opal top up machines will begin appearing at stations next month so customers can add value to their Opal card at even more places on-the-go. Many customers have set their Opal card to auto top up so it automatically loads value when their balance gets low and can already add value to their Opal card at opal.com.au, by calling 13 OPAL (13 67 25) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and at more than 1,800 Opal retailers. However the new top up machines will offer an extra option for customers who want to put value on their Opal card.

Almost 350 top up machines will be rolled out across train stations, ferry wharves, and bus and light rail stops this year, providing coverage for about 99 per cent of customers. Three different types of top up machines will be available. The first will allow customers to top-up their Opal card using a debit or credit card, the second type will dispense disposable tickets and the third will accept cash.

Labor simply has no credibility when it comes to public transport or electronic ticketing, and did nothing for our community.

Labor first committed to deliver electronic ticketing back in 1997, and not only did they fail, they wasted $100 million on their embarrassing T-Card project.

The Baird Government completed the Opal rollout on public transport last year, months ahead of schedule, and customers are now using Opal on all suburban and intercity trains, 5,000 buses, Sydney Ferries and light rail.