I encourage local businesses to register their interest in mentoring and building vocational skills in young people to help divert them away from crime and into education and employment opportunities.

The new RISEUP program was developed personally by NSW Police Commissioner Michael Fuller APM and will run state-wide in partnership with Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) and local businesses.

The program is designed to help disengaged 15 to 18-year-olds remain on the right side of the law and have a bright working future.

This initiative has the potential to make a real difference in a young person’s life.

The RISEUP program links young people with employers to receive real-life, on-the-job training in the workforce, and includes workshops on leadership, relationship-building, and practical education to boost numeracy and literacy.

As a community it is vital that we work with vulnerable teens so they can develop into thriving, civic-minded individuals.

I am delighted that our community has the chance to be involved in this extremely worthwhile initiative and help boost the employment prospects of our local young people.

The PCYC and NSW Police Force do remarkable work engaging young people in sport and recreational activities and directing them away from a life of crime.

RISEUP builds on this success, developing teenagers’ vocational skills, connecting them with business and increasing their self-esteem to take their life in a positive direction.

For more information, please visit www.riseup.org.au