A new campaign has been launched aimed at boosting the employment of people with disability in the Heathcote Electorate.

I welcome the launch of the 2016 Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign which seeks to mobilise and inspire people with disability, and the broader community, by highlighting the career successes of people with disability. The theme for the 2016 campaign is “I can, I am.”

“One of the NSW Government’s priorities is to increase employment opportunities for people with disability and assist them in realising their potential,” Mr Evans said. “This year’s campaign aims to change the community’s mindset and, ultimately, boost the employment of people with disability.  I would encourage everyone in our local Heathcote community to engage with and spread the important messages of this campaign.”

This year’s Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign brings to life the employment stories of four people in film. The videos provide an inside view to their individual experiences in the workplace and about the work that inspires them. They illustrate that no matter what the circumstances, with the right support, a person with disability can be the right person for the job.

“I can personally attest to the benefits of considering employing people with disability through organisations such as Nova. Students from Nova Transition, Engadine have assisted my office with administrative services on a number of occasions and I would highly recommend their efficiency, attitude and ability to any employer,” Mr Evans said.

The 2016 Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign runs from 21 November until 11 December 2016, and is timed to celebrate International Day of People with Disability on 3 December 2016.

Boosting employment of people with disability and making NSW more inclusive are key priorities of the landmark NSW Disability Inclusion Act and the innovative NSW Disability Inclusion Plan.

To learn more about the campaign and current events or find out about your employment options as a job seeker or an employer, please visit www.dontdismyability.com.au