Life is about to get a little easier for residents and staff at the Garrawarra Centre thanks to a $177,000 funding boost by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

Yesterday, I welcomed the arrival of a new bus for Garrawarra Centre.

This new bus completes a suite of additions for the Centre that I was pleased to secure in the lead up to the election this year.

Following discussions with staff earlier this year I could see the need for some additional equipment.

The funding includes up to $154,000 for a new bus and $23,400 for a new ECG machine and stand, two bariatric beds and a Point of Care blood testing machine.

The Garrawarra Centre provides amazing care to some of our most vulnerable residents and it’s crucial we do everything we can to make life a little easier.

That’s why this funding is important as it will allow staff to undertake their roles more efficiently and provide even greater care for the residents at the Centre.

The staff at Garrawarra Centre focus on the individual needs of each resident and provide amazing care day in and day out.