The NSW Government has committed to one of the biggest education reforms in a generation, announcing the introduction of a universal pre-Kindergarten year of education.

More than $5.8 billion in the 2022/23 NSW Budget has been allocated to begin the delivery of a universal pre-Kindergarten year for all children in NSW by 2030. This is a landmark investment for NSW families and of a scale that has not been seen before in the southern hemisphere.

We are helping our youngest of learners to thrive, taking pressure off parents and boosting family budgets by introducing a year of free education before kindergarten. This incredible reform will provide enormous educational, social and economic benefits for the families and children of NSW.

Universal pre-Kindergarten will give every child in NSW access to a specialised year of play based learning, smoothing their transition to school and solidifying their path to a brighter future.

This transformational new year of preschool education will change and improve, with the help of parents, educators, services and stakeholders, how children enter and prepare for school.

The universal pre-Kindergarten year of education builds on the $1.4 billion already announced to continue and extend affordable preschool to all NSW families. In addition, the $281 million to boost the early childhood workforce and increase the number of early childhood services across NSW will support families both now, and along the way as the state sets up a universal pre-Kindergarten year of education.