I am delighted the NSW Government will invest $54.6 million over four years as part of the NSW State Emergency Service’s (NSW SES) fleet program. This will deliver nearly 500 new vehicles, marine vessels and trailers for local SES units to better support local communities in times of floods, storms and other emergencies.

We call on our tireless NSW SES volunteers for assistance at moment’s notice and they deserve top notch resources at the ready to ensure their lifesaving tasks are performed safely with maximum efficiency and in minimum time.

The community can feel confident their NSW SES volunteers will remain well-equipped.

The work of SES volunteers is vital and as a Government we will continue to back them with the tools they need for their important work.

The Government delivered a five-year refresh of the SES fleet and now we’re continuing that investment so SES Units also have state-of-the-art equipment for water rescues.

From 2012-2017 the NSW Government invested $46 million for the procurement, maintenance and control of the 637 strong SES operational vehicle fleet.

This Operational Fleet Replacement Program will continue to replace SES vehicles and also fund the purchase of equipment inventory, marine vessels and trailers.

The funding will enable the provision of 269 vehicles, 124 marine vessels, and 95 trailers. In 2018-19, 77 vehicles, 37 marine vessels and 30 trailers will be delivered.

The NSW SES last year responded to over 32,000 requests for assistance and performed over 750 flood rescues across the state.