Sea Cliff Bridge Celebrates 10 Years

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge. I was joined by RMS Regional Manager Renae Elrington, RMS Asset Manager Southern Alex Dunstan and McKenzie Russell to celebrate. In 2010 as an 11 year old school girl, McKenzie won a naming competition that was open to local primary school students to name the bridge.

It has fast become one of the most popular backdrops for television advertisements and film shoots to rival the famous Route 66 in the United States.

And it’s in our very own backyard!

The eye-catching Sea Cliff Bridge, which snakes its way along the coastal escarpment north of Wollongong between Coalcliff and Clifton is the main feature of the scenic Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

I may be biased, but there is surely no more picturesque road along a coastline anywhere in the world than the Sea Cliff Bridge. Featuring two lanes of traffic, a cycle way and a walkway, the Sea Cliff Bridge boasts spectacular coastline views.

The $52 million bridge is 455 metres long and 41 metres at its highest point and was built after a section of Lawrence Hargrave Drive was permanently closed in 2003 due to safety concerns after repeated rock falls on to the road.

More than 4200 vehicles use the bridge daily and on weekends it’s not uncommon for more than 10,000 vehicles to travel on the road which creates a real economic boon for the villages of Coalcliff and Clifton.

The bridge has been used to film television commercials for tyres, petrol, engine oil and cars, which is a bulk of the filming requests received. It has also been a wonderful backdrop for skin and hair-care commercials, fashion shoots and films including a Bollywood production and an episode of hit television show Top Gear.

It’s easy to take for granted, as a local, the spectacular scenery we see every day which is simply world class.

The unique bridge also makes its mark as one of only seven off-shore parallel to coast bridges in the world and is a popular location to watch migrating whales.

Most importantly though it has provided a safe passage for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists for a decade.

I look forward to the next 10 years and the beyond of Sea Cliff Bridge continuing to be an iconic world-wide attraction for our community.