Launch "Your Call Can Make a Difference" Campaign

Launch “Your Call Can Make a Difference” Campaign

Today I joined Deputy Premier and Minister for Justice and Police, Troy Grant to discuss the Iaunch of a new campaign encouraging the community to help police stamp out the supply and use of the drug ice. The ‘Your call can make a difference’ campaign starts this weekend and prompts the public to report suspicious behaviour to Crime Stoppers.

Ice has an horrific impact on the social fabric of communities across the State, and the Heathcote Electorate is not exempt from its force.

This new campaign will include advertisements in newspapers, magazines and throughout social media and I encourage the community to share with their networks and spread the message – a phone call can make a big difference.

I urge anyone who knows or sees anything suspicious to anonymously phone 1800 333 000 and join the fight against this toxic drug in our community.

“I have never seen a drug as corrosive to human decency as the drug ice,” Mr Grant said. “We need to work together as a community to stamp out this addictive, destructive and dangerous drug that is devastating individuals, families and communities across this State.”