The community will be boosted by the funding of initiatives in response to the independent NSW Bushfire Inquiry including, new equipment for firefighters, night-time aerial firefighting, enhanced strategic fire trails and improvements to local emergency infrastructure.

These initiatives will fund crucial equipment that will keep our community safe, as well as funding jobs in areas at risk from fire.

This $192.2 million package is just the beginning of the Government’s response to the Inquiry and these funds announced today demonstrates our ongoing commitment to protecting the people of NSW.

Last season’s bushfires had a devastating effect on the whole of NSW and this funding will go a long way in ensuring we never see the same impact again.

The NSW Government has worked closely with frontline agencies to identify priorities to address key recommendations arising from the Inquiry.

The package of bushfire inquiry initiatives, worth $192.2 million over five years, includes:

• $36 million for a new first responder mental health strategy for emergency services
• $23 million in additional personal protective clothing for frontline firefighters
• $17 million to retrofit NSW RFS and NPWS vehicles and replace FRNSW tankers
• $8.3 million extension of an integrated dispatch system for the NSW RFS
• $9.5 million to fund initial priority works for the fire trail network
• $5.4 million enhancements to the RFS aerial fleet and training facilities
• $2.5 million improvements to NSW RFS’s Fires Near Me app
• $2.85 million to deliver critical equipment for 31 multi-agency Emergency Operations Centres

Further measures to address the Inquiry’s recommendations will be considered as part of future budget processes.