Heathcote is benefiting from NSW Government funding to upgrade Scout NSW facilities, with 8 successful projects.

The funding was part of $7.75 million being provided, under the Government’s COVID-19 stimulus program, for projects at Scouts facilities on Crown land.

Scouts NSW is one of our State’s largest and most popular youth organisations that helps communities build leadership skills, resilience and friendship through healthy activities for young people, so it’s great to support them.

Scouting has been operating in Australia since 1908 and this funding will help ensure a range of Scout NSW facilities are in good shape for future generations.

Please find below the projects that have been awarded funding to upgrade local Scouts NSW facilities in the Heathcote Electorate:

• Woronora Scout Hall ($55,000) for urgent replacement of leaking and decayed roof
• Heathcote Training Centre ($140,000) for urgent renovation of caretakers cottage
• Heathcote Training Centre ($55,000) for urgent renovation of existing warden’s accommodation
• Heathcote Training Centre ($22,000) for urgent removal of asbestos ceiling in Gymea Lodge ablutions block
• Heathcote Training Centre ($23,000) for urgent replacement of decayed 60 year old assembly building awning
• Heathcote Training Centre ($17,000) for urgent renovation of assembly building kitchen.
• Heathcote Training Centre ($17,000) for urgent replacement of feature wall in assembly building, damaged by termites. Repaint walls. Refurnish parquetry floor
• Camp Coutts, Waterfall ($175,000) for urgent replacement of ceilings in cub shelter. Restoration of warden’s hut. Replacement of leaking roof in activities building. Urgent repairs to activities building.

Communities have done it tough during COVID-19, including organisations like Scouts NSW whose activities have been disrupted, this upgrade work support NSW Scouts whilst also supporting the economy with work for tradies and material suppliers.

Scouts NSW Chief Commissioner Neville Tomkins OAM said the stimulus funding would improve Scout facilities and help them attract more members.

“We are delighted with the NSW Government support that will assist an enormous number of communities by upgrading Scout facilities and improving the amenity of buildings and campsites,” Mr Tomkins said.

“There are many Scout roofs that need repair, kitchen and toilet blocks that need upgrades, and facilities and campsites that we want to make more accessible including for those in wheelchairs, so this funding is very welcome.”