I am pleased to advise the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will invest an additional $100 million on school maintenance this year, bringing the total investment to an unprecedented $847 million over four years.

Across NSW, the additional money will be allocated to schools with the highest maintenance needs and $260 million of the funding will be invested this financial year.

The additional funding announced is a huge boost for Heathcote. It will ensure that students and teachers can work in the best possible conditions. Only the NSW Liberals & Nationals can deliver this sort of major investment.

Please find below the 2018/19 school maintenance allocation for schools in Heathcote:

When the NSW Liberals & Nationals came to Government we inherited a large school maintenance liability from Labor. Once again we are fixing the mess that Labor left for NSW.

In addition to prioritising maintenance in NSW schools, the Government has also announced the first 900 schools that will receive air conditioning under its record $500 million Cooler Classrooms program.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is also undertaking a record $6 billion school building program over the next four years, which will deliver more than 170 new and upgraded schools to support communities throughout NSW. This is the largest investment into public school infrastructure by any State government in Australian history.

An additional 900 full-time teachers will also be hired this financial year, building on the 5340 teachers that the NSW Liberals & Nationals has added to the public school system since 2011.