Congratulations to Michael Alewood, Kenneth Hammond and Sylvia Sedgley for 50 years of service to the community as a Justice of the Peace.

They are some of the longest-serving JPs in the state, who has donated countless hours to helping local people.

Just about everyone needs a JP at some point in their life – such as when they buy a house or access their superannuation.

Mr Alewood, Mr Hammond and Mrs Sedley are among more than 250 NSW JPs who are celebrated their Golden Jubilee of service in 2018. They attended a ceremony at NSW Parliament on Tuesday 13 November where they were presented with commemorative certificates.

During the 50 years they have been witnessing documents, he/she has also witnessed profound social changes and advances in technology.

The way people track down a JP is among the many things that has evolved, with people now more likely to search online than rely on word of mouth.

The NSW online register of Justices of the Peace is being upgraded to make finding a local JP faster and more convenient than ever.

The revamped system will enable JPs to specify the dates and times they are available and what languages they speak.

The new-look register will begin operating in early 2019. The current register only allows users to search for a JP by name, registration number or postcode.

JPs act as independent and objective witnesses to documents people need for a variety of purposes. Their main functions are to witness affidavits and statutory declarations, and they may also certify copies of original documents. JPs provide their services on a voluntary basis.

There are over 95,000 JPs covering all corners of the state. For more information on JPs or to find one in your area go to