In the lead-up to a dry hot summer I encourage all households and businesses in Heathcote to help conserve our most precious natural resource – water.

Sydney-siders have always done their bit to save water, but with a dry summer forecast, there has never been a better time to be Water Wise. Whilst the recent rain here in Sydney over the last couple of weeks has been a welcome sight, the long-range forecast is for lower than average rainfall over summer.

I’m asking the Heathcote community to get on board with Sydney Water’s ‘Love Water, Don’t Waste It’ campaign, which shows families that the smallest changes inside and outside the house can have a major impact on water security. This can be as simple as cutting back a shower from five minutes to four. Try picking a four minute song and finishing your shower before the music stops playing.

Catherine Port, Executive Drought Lead at Sydney Water, reminds Sydneysiders that “Water Rules are still in place and little actions by all of us can make a big difference.”
Simple water saving measures include:

• Reducing shower time by 1 minute, and target no more than 4 minutes;
• Using a trigger nozzle, bucket or watering can when watering gardens or washing the car;
• Ensuring the dishwasher or washing machine is fully loaded before turning it on

To find out more ways to save water, visit Sydney Water’s Water Wise age at

Click here to view Sydney Water’s ‘love water, don’t waste it’ campaign:

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