NSW Government Grants

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Lee has been working tirelessly to secure funding and grants for your local area.

Finding the right grant for you

The NSW and Federal Governments provide a number of grants to community organisations every year. Browse the grants below to find out more.

The Small Business Grant

The Small Business Grant is a key priority of the New South Wales Government. The grant is designed to encourage the nearly 650,000 small businesses in New South Wales that do not pay payroll tax to hire new employees and expand their business.

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Grant Resources - CommunityBuilders

The CommunityBuilders website covers available sources of funding and how to write a more successful submission. Communitybuilders also looks at alternative means of support and ways to provide resources for your project or organisation.

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The First Home

The NSW Government has developed a new package of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW.These policies take into account the difficulty that first home buyers face in entering the market, the state’s growing population and the need to ensure that development occurs close to essential infrastructure such as roads, railway lines and schools.

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Arts and Cultural Development Program (ACDP)

The Arts and Cultural Development Program (ACDP) is the NSW Government’s major grants program for arts and culture. Arts NSW administers the program on behalf of the NSW Government.

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Infrastructure Grants
Liquor & Gaming NSW offers grants to communities across NSW to support the building, renovation and fitout of infrastructure. Funding is available for sport and recreation, arts and cultural infrastructure, and projects that enhance facilities used to shelter communities and provide emergency services. Learn More
NSW Grandparents Day

This year the grant funding available for NSW Grandparents Day events (will increase from a total of $20,000 to $100,000.Grants will fund organisations to deliver events that encourage intergenerational learning and/or offer older people ongoing opportunities to participate in their local communities.

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Small Business Funding for “Start-Ups”

Jobs for NSW is focused on building a strong and supportive ecosystem for startups; we want them to thrive and prosper and become the job-creating powerhouses of the future. To achieve this there are grants being offered to promising NSW startups to help.

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Responsible Gambling Fund

Responsible Gambling Fund supports projects and services that aim to reduce and prevent the harms associated with problem gambling.

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Community Building Partnership Grants 2018

Find out about these grants for new community infrastructure projects that enhance local facilities.

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Funding to local organisations in Heathcote

Lee has been working hard to help your local community organisations. Below are some of the grants Lee has helped secure for your local area.