Member for Heathcote Lee Evans has confirmed today that any student currently enrolled at Helensburgh Public School, and their siblings, will have the choice of enrolling either at Heathcote High School or Bulli High School.

Mr Evans acknowledged the unique context around the three schools, and met with the Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell to ensure families in his electorate weren’t impacted negatively.

“When I heard of the concerns at Helensburgh, I met with Minister Mitchell to ensure families in our region were given choice and flexibility when it comes to the Department of Education’s enrolment policy,” Mr Evans said.

“I am absolutely committed to making life easier for families and parents in our electorate; and I am happy to fight in Parliament for solutions to issues that face our community.

In April, it was acknowledged that incorrect information had been provided to parents of current students across these schools, creating a misunderstanding.

“Heathcote High School remains the designated high school for Helensburgh families, however, offering this choice will support existing school families who have had an expectation of being able to choose either of the high schools,” Mr Evans said.

In future, new families living in Helensburgh who enrol children in Helensburgh Public School will be subject to the normal enrolment policy when applying to go to high school: if they wish to apply to Bulli High School, their application will be dealt with as non-local enrolment request.