It was a pleasure visiting Dunlea Centre recently to recognise Heathcote Parliamentary Award 2021 recipient Noah.

Noah’s teachers are incredibly proud of his transformational change whilst attending Dunlea, awarding him this well-deserved recognition. In 2021, Noah maintained a 96% attendance record, highlighting his dedication to education.  His personal confidence has grown immensely, displaying strong leadership as captain, leading various tour groups and family talks at Dunlea, as well as presenting at the Salesian Captains Conference in December 2021. He is always supportive of his peers. Further, Noah has been accepted to Wollongong University’s Pathway to Uni program offered and is striving to become the first of his family to attain a tertiary education. Noah’s application and assessment results have put him on track to achieve his university goals & to enrol in a teaching degree.

Noah is a lovely young man with a bright future. I commend Noah on this outstanding achievement and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Dunlea student Noah receives Heathcote Parliamentary Award 2021