As people across NSW plan their upcoming Easter holiday weekend, I urge motorists to take extra care on the road.

Whether you’re heading to the beach, going camping, having a barbecue with mates or catching up with family this Easter, if you’re out on the roads, please make sure safety is your absolute priority.

During holiday periods, we see increased traffic volumes, people driving in unfamiliar environments, as well as motorists speeding, driving tired or under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Road safety is a shared responsibility so when you’re on the road, think about how your actions can affect the safety of your family, friends and those around you.

With this in mind, you can minimise these safety risks by:

·         Getting a good night’s sleep before heading out on your trip

·         Avoid driving after midnight, as this is when your body wants to go to sleep

·         Arrange to share the driving

·         If your feeling tired, pull over to a safe place, and take a nap, 20 minutes works best.

·         Plan to take regular breaks – stop off at a Driver Reviver or Free Cuppa for the Driver location.

·         The speed that you’re travelling matters so slow down to reduce the risk and severity of a crash or serious injury

·         ‘Just a bit over’ the speed limit can be the difference between being able to stop in time and not at all so stay under the speed limit these holidays and drive to conditions

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said a continuing concern is that most crashes, including during the Easter period, happen on country roads.

The NSW Government recently launched the Saving Lives on Country Roads campaign across regional NSW, to show how everyday driving decisions can result in serious consequences.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Troy Grant said that the NSW Police will be cracking down on dangerous road behaviours by issuing fines and double demerit points in a state-wide enforcement operation called Operation Tortoise.

“Operation Tortoise is funded by the NSW Community Road Safety Fund to help save lives and prevent injuries through high police visibility,” Mr Grant said.

“Double demerits will apply from Thursday 29 March to Monday 2 April 2018 inclusive.