Public schools across the Heathcote Electorate will benefit from the Baird Government’s Innovative Education, Successful Students plan to upgrade schools and create the classrooms of the future.

Investing in education is vital for our children’s future and the $1 billion investment from the Rebuilding NSW Schools Fund to transform our schools over the next 10 years will give students every opportunity to succeed.

This massive $1 billion investment, a once-in-a-generation opportunity made possible by Rebuilding NSW – our $20 billion plan to turbocharge the State through the delivery of key infrastructure – will provide up to 1,600 new or refurbished classrooms and learning spaces throughout the State.  This is on top of the Government’s $2.7 billion investment into school facilities over the next four years.

We have been working with world-leading educators, designers and architects to create the classrooms of the future, which we will build across NSW if we are re-elected.

The additional $1 billion investment from Rebuilding NSW will ensure there is a focus on innovative uses of technology and flexible learning spaces in our schools.

Only a re-elected Baird Government can deliver the full Innovative Education, Successful Students plan required to transform education in NSW. With this package, we are rethinking how schools work, how teachers teach and how students will learn in the future.

To better prepare students for a job in the fastest growing economy in the country, schools are being built and upgraded to integrate new technology and provide more opportunities for group work and project based learning.

The Rebuilding NSW plan will ensure we deliver the infrastructure required to provide the best possible education for our students.

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