Safer turns and better traffic flow are now a reality for motorists who regularly use two key intersections along Heathcote Road at Lucas Heights and Engadine.

Upgrades have been delivered at the intersections of Princes Highway and Heathcote Road, Engadine and Heathcote Road and New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights as part of the Liberals & Nationals Government’s $300 million Gateway to the South Pinch Points Program.

The intersection of Heathcote Road and New Illawarra Road is one of the busiest in southern Sydney, with around 3,000 vehicles using the intersection every hour in the morning and afternoon peaks.

Work included widening New Illawarra Road to provide additional right and left turn lanes to reduce queuing for traffic trying to turn onto Heathcote Road. Traffic lights were also installed for motorists turning left from New Illawarra Road, heading south towards Engadine, improving traffic flow and safety.

Improvements were also made to the busy Heathcote Road and Princes Highway intersection to help improve traffic flow, reliability and travel times.

Work included widening Heathcote Road on the approach to the Princes Highway, to include two dedicated right turn lanes onto the Princes Highway and a new shared through and right turning lane, effectively doubling the number of vehicles that can turn right on to the Princes Highway towards Heathcote and Waterfall.

The upgrades were part of the Liberals & Nationals Government $825 million investment to fix 76 pinch points and install 48 variable message signs across key corridors.

A re-elected Liberals and Nationals Government would lift this investment to more than $1.2 billion, with a further 12 pinch points to be fixed across NSW to make it easier, faster and safer for motorists and local communities to get around.