A confronting new campaign has kicked off this week urging Heathcote residents to make sure they are prepared for the bush fire season.

I believe the new NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) ‘Prepare. Act. Survive public awareness campaign asked the important question ‘How Fireproof Is Your Plan?’

The message this bush fire season is clear: to give you and your property the best chance of survival you need to seriously prepare and plan ahead.

Seven in ten people in bush fire prone areas say they have a plan for what to do during a fire – but if the worst were to happen and you were facing a major fire, would your plan really stack up?

Alarmingly, 51 per cent of people have done nothing to prepare their property for a bush fire. So if you think you’re ready for bush fire season, there’s a strong chance you’re not, and now is the time to have a discussion with your family so you’re not caught out and put at risk.

Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant said the campaign shows real life scenarios that people have faced during bush fires, like not preparing their property in advance or leaving it until the last minute to make a decision.

“These are the real dangers posed by fires. It’s a confronting campaign, but we make no apologies for that,” Mr Grant said.

“The last thing anyone wants to see is the loss of someone in Heathcote community when that tragedy could have been prevented.”

NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said the new campaign will begin rolling out state-wide this week, with TV, radio, online, outdoor and cinema ads warning against complacency.

“Already this season we have seen more than 5,400 fires that have started easily and spread rapidly, threatening people and properties,” Deputy Commissioner Rogers said.

“All too often, people’s plans have not been thoroughly reviewed and discussed before fire threatens them.

“Having a five minute discussion could actually save you and your family this bush fire season, so please, ask your friends, ask your family, and ask yourself: How Fireproof is Your Plan?”

 By visiting www.myfireplan.com.au, you can check your existing plan, print it off, and make sure everyone in your house knows what to do if there’s a fire.

It’ll take five minutes to make sure you’re prepared for the worst. It could just save your life.