I am pleased to announce $39,800 to assist National Parks in the Heathcote Electorate to mitigate bushfire risk through maintenance. This funding, which is part of the joint Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Resilience Program, will provide an important boost to bushfire prevention in the Heathcote Electorate.

The program will enable maintenance works to be undertaken on 115 fire trails and 10 fire towers across the state. In the Heathcote Electorate this includes the following projects:

·         $23,500 Hacking River Fire Trail

·         $5,000 Garawarra Ridge Fire Trail

·         $11,300 Lake Toolooma

Both fire trails and fire towers are crucial in effective fire fighting exercises. Fire trails provide easier access to fires, while fire towers are important to detect fires early, giving fire crews a greater chance of extinguishing them. Bushfire prevention is not something we can afford to overlook, and the State and Federal Governments will continue to work together to provide the funding needed to safeguard our communities.