Students and schools in Heathcote are benefiting from the NSW Government’s record investment and reform agenda.  

In the 2021-22 NSW Budget a record $20.5 billion is being invested into NSW school students – driving evidence-based reform, building new and upgraded schools and reaching record staffing levels. 

This budget is a real win for our school communities. Public schools have never been better funded than they are now.

Whether it is free preschool, new schools, or investing in our teachers this budget is focused on our students and their success.

This is a future focused Budget that builds strong foundations for our local students to succeed in their lives.

Students in NSW will also benefit from a reform agenda that ensures schools leverage maximum value out of every dollar spent in education. 

The Budget invests in all students and their education, with $196.6 million to build the new NSW Curriculum, providing a streamlined and decluttered foundation for students to learn.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Sarah Mitchell, said this Budget is a holistic approach to education that invests in students.

“The 2021 Budget doubles down on the Government’s education agenda, with a record investment of more than $17.5 billion to lift standards and grow the systems to support families across NSW,” Ms Mitchell said. 

The NSW Government’s record school building program also continues to grow with an additional $2.1 billion over the next four years going towards new and upgraded schools. 

“Since 2019, we have delivered 108 new and upgraded schools, and this trend continues that’s to this year’s school infrastructure budget of $2.1 billion including funding to deliver 44 new and upgraded school projects, growing the pipeline to record of more than 210 new and upgraded schools,” Ms Mitchell said.