The Baird Government has committed to create the strongest, most resilient and technologically-advanced Police Force in the country – including 310 additional police across NSW. The commitment includes training 250 Specialist Police, 15 specialist civilian staff and $100 million for new technology.

We have taken the NSW Police Force to record strength and they’re achieving outstanding results in driving down crime – this plan delivers what police need to keep protecting our community. Our local police are doing an outstanding job in keeping the Heathcote community safe.

I strongly endorse this plan which will be of huge benefit to our local police.

Under the plan, the Baird Government will:

  • Boost the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Commandwith an additional 50 detectives;
  • Build Australia’s largest Child Abuse Squad, with an additional 50 investigators and four specialist intelligence and support staff;
  • Expand the firearms and organised crimerelated squads by 70 police officers to target and prosecute even more criminals involved in the illegal manufacture, trafficking, importation and possession of firearms and organised crime;
  • Build on successful operations targeting gun crime and create Australia’s first Real Time Intelligence Response Centre, to target public place shootings with 20 new sworn police officer positions and five new intelligence analysts;
  • Strengthen the Cybercrime and Fraud Squad with 30 specialist police investigators and six specialist forensic accountants, intelligence analysts and technical experts, to target internet fraud, hacking, money laundering and identity theft;
  • Increase domestic and family violence police capability with 24 domestic violence specialist police officers, who will assist Domestic Violence Liaison Officers,
  • Permanently establish the Serious Sex and Violent Offenders Investigation Unit, with 6 police to investigate and monitor serious sex and violent offenders who are on extended supervision orders after their release from jail.

We will equip our police with the most advanced technology available by investing $100 millionover four years in a Policing For Tomorrow Fund. Current priorities include body worn video cameras, tablet computers, mobile fingerprint scanners and mobile drug testing machines.

We will expand our support for NSW Police, including by investing a total of $17.1 million over four years in the Police Force Wellbeing Program. Services will prevent injury, support injured offices to return to work, as well as support former officers and families.