Lee Evans Member for Heathcote has welcomed new Information and Privacy Commission resources to help the community manage privacy protection for mobile apps and privacy settings on social media sites.

The resources, along with a range of events across NSW, are part of Privacy Awareness Week May 4-10, which this year has the theme “Mobilise your privacy, stay safe online”.

“The growing reliance upon mobile devices and subsequent downloading of smartphone apps comes with great benefits, but it also means there’s a responsibility to protect our personal information and that of others, including children.” Mr Evans said.

“Think about what you post online, regularly check your privacy settings, and be aware of what information websites and mobile apps are collecting.”

Mr Evans said it was easy to assume that young people share so much online that they aren’t concerned about privacy issues, but this was not the case. Recent research shows:
• More than any other age group, young people (60%) see online services and social media sites as is the biggest risk to privacy.
• One in three people under 24 have regretted something they have posted online.
• One in four people under 35 know someone who has been the victim of identity fraud
A number of NSW councils and public sector agencies are conducting privacy awareness and staff training events during this week.

For more information on the IPC and Privacy Awareness Week activities in NSW, visit www.ipc.nsw.gov.au