I am pleased to announce the Sutherland Shire has secured $627,717 to improve tree canopy cover under the NSW Government’s Five Million Trees for Greater Sydney initiative.

Sutherland Shire Council has applied successfully for funding for street planting in Taren Point, Jannali, Cronulla and Engadine with 2,879 trees being planted across the four suburbs.

This is a wonderful initiative that will improve our community’s streetscapes and parklands. More tree canopy means more shade, cooler suburbs and more habitats for wildlife.

Five Million Trees initiative is supporting councils like Sutherland Shire Council to create greener communities. We’re backing councils across Sydney with this funding to support healthier, more resilient communities by increasing our urban canopy.

Reaching Five Million Trees in Greater Sydney by 2030 will more than double Sydney’s current urban canopy cover from 16 per cent to 40 per cent. Since April 2018, almost 100,000 trees have been planted across Greater Sydney under the Five Million Trees for Greater Sydney initiative.

Hundreds of thousands more trees will be planted every year for the next 13 years towards the five million target – including the opportunity for further rounds right here in the Shire.

Trees play a vital role in moderating and reducing urban heat and by planting more trees in our streets, parks and front and backyards we will increase our shade and lower the ambient air temperature.

For more information visit: https://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/5milliontrees