I am thrilled the 2018 State Budget has delivered $10 million to upgrade the track from Garie beach to Otford in the Royal National Park, significantly improving environmental sustainability.

The upgrade works will focus on the 9km section of the track between Garie beach and the track entry/exit at Otford.

The result will be a top quality, environmentally sustainable walking track that includes including elevated boardwalks, stone steps and staircases.

Improvements include the climb over Thelma Ridge, the track through the Palm Jungle and the lookout vantage points above Werong beach.

Visitor safety will be improved and the signage will be enhanced to further contribute this iconic walking experience.

The Burgh Ridge Track, which is the popular main access track to the Figure Eight Pools, will also be upgraded.

A range of improvements to visitor facilities and infrastructure also will be implemented at Wattamolla, including picnic shelters and BBQs, new information signage, upgraded day use area and improved car parking and traffic management.

The works will be managed by NPWS and implemented over the next three years with construction of the first stage of track works starting in September 2018.

The nationally-renowned Royal Coast track is one of the most iconic and heavily visited walking tracks in NSW with over 4.5 million people visiting the Royal National Park annually.

The project will reduce the environmental impacts of its heavy use by walkers and provide a sustainable tourism experience and encourage families to improve and maintain their health, help reduce obesity, maintaining the Healthy Parks, Healthy People opportunities for residents of NSW.